Bernard Roldan Broldanphotography

What do we wear for the engagement session?

I usually ask the couple to bring 2-3 outfits. Ranging from casual to a little more formal.

Do we pick the location for our engagement session?

The locations are totally your choice. If you would like, I can recommend locations as well. Regardless of the location, we'll have fun!

Can we bring props for the engagement session?

YES!!! Please bring whatever your want in your photos. (i.e. Vintage, Boho, etc)

How many photos are we getting from our wedding day?

I usually provide 500+ images for couples to proof and provide all those images to you. Online proofing and ordering is also available.

How do we hire you??

Just go ahead and leave me a message with your story and i'll be there for your special day.

Did you always wanted to be a photographer?

To be honest, never really thought about it. Everyone has different aspirations when they were young and I believe that everyone finds there calling when they are ready.

What kind of camera equipment do use?

I use Canon, not by preference, it's just what I started with. I have used Nikon and to tell you the truth, they're both similar for what I use them for. You can't go wrong with any modern Dslr.

The Stuff:
5D markIII


24-70 f2.8

135 f2

100 macro

85 f1.2

35 f1.4

(2) 580exII

(2) 430exII
and a whole bunch of accessories..

What presets or actions do you use?

I use my own presets and actions I have created, but I also use Totally rad action and Kubota actions. Either in Lightroom or Photoshop.

Have a question? Feel free to message me.